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Charm Blue-Independent Nov 16, 2017

When did double eleven begin to be a lonely celebration shopping Carnival?. Today's double eleven, for enterprises, not only discounted sales Festival, but also to show their strength the best opportunity. You know, double eleven can achieve good results, not only will get commercial returns, but also attract potential consumers.

According to the Charm Blue phone (micro-blog) given data show that this year's double eleven period, the charm blue Note6 and Charm Blue 6 sales exceeded 800 thousand units, Charm Blue Blue EP52 headphones are also active, and its sales increased by 300% qoq. This may be a gap compared with the top manufacturers, but for the charm of the blue young brand, this is enough to surprise people.


Born in December 18, 2014, the blue charm is about to celebrate the three year old birthday. Remember the first product of blue Note, with excellent design and good performance, to the price of 799 yuan to become the biggest dark horse on the market. Then released Charm Blue 1 and a variety of covering 500 to 1500 yuan price model, Meizu science and technology mobile phone sales in 2015 to achieve 350% growth. According to statistics, so far this growth is continuing, blue phone shipments in 2016 exceeded 22 million. By 2017, the cumulative shipments of blue phones have reached 45 million, and the Note series has reached 20 million.

Thanks to the outstanding performance of blue charm, Meizu launched enterprise transformation in May of this year. As an independent business unit, Charm Blue has been split and officially become an independent brand. This means that in the future there will be more free design products, more resources to produce.

Charm Blue didn't disappoint consumers. After releasing the first answer independently, Note6 achieved good results. As Qualcomm mobile phone equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon processor's first product, blue Note6 debut sales have reached 200 thousand sales. The recently released limited edition of the blue color Note6 won an excellent reputation. The station received more than 500 thousand users should only be in B, the predetermined amount of more than 200 thousand, a king custom version is more frequently increasing the volume, the reaction of One Piece fans purchase demand. In the charm of the blue 925 friends, the blue goods 46s sales exceeded 10 million. The glamour of Blue 6 is on sale, 925 fan festival's success has realized 500 million sales volume.