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Chip Industrialization Faces A Good Opportunity. Apr 02, 2018

This year's government work report will be listed in the development of integrated circuits in the real economy first, the industry believes that this means that as the core of integrated circuit manufacturing industry in the national policy level of support to the doubt of integrated circuit's advantage lies in the Chinese market is big, good market prospects for development is our chairman of the CPPCC national committee China electronics group, the biggest advantage of RuiXiaoWu in securities daily reporter an exclusive interview, said that based on this, the Internet applications in the BAT in these years, especially in countries dominated, to strongly promote the integrated circuit industry, integrated circuit but RuiXiaoWu caught up with a good market at the same time, points out that the industry in the process of development, the problem also many domestic chip technology level still have some shortcomings, especially in chip technology, and is still some way in the world, as well as in the design of the main performance, it is difficult to a close, finished design to processing production, this is two phase, we're only talking about weak processing production stage, design has increased.


RuiXiaoWu stressed that the most important thing is that on the development of the socialist modernization construction in China, is a broad market, and modernization is a strategic target, the informationization is the premise of guaranteeing the realization of modernization strategic target and marketization provides a very good market prospect Driving integrated circuit The fifth generation of mobile communication aircraft engine Development of new energy vehicles, such as new materials industry This year's government work report on the entity economy development of our country, to promote the development of IC industry on the development of the real economy At the same time, also on the Internet in artificial intelligence industry in China in 2018 5 g integrated circuit and so on made clear goals and planning to the development of science and technology From the domestic development environment view, smartphone is accelerating shuffling, and are constantly upgrading process At the same time, intelligent household intelligent vehicles, such as intelligent robot virtual reality in the eve of the outbreak, especially the 5 g and follow everything connected to the Internet Block chain new formats such as artificial intelligence, have formed a huge demand for chips.


Cicc, points out that in 2014, the semiconductor beyond petroleum, become China's largest imports of raw materials, so big fund semiconductor industry localization need urgent countries full industrial chain upstream and downstream in the semiconductor industry layout, the leading enterprises in the various sectors strong government support will the ministry statistics show that last year the domestic value added of the electronic information manufacturing industry over the scale, an increase of 13.8% over the previous year grow faster in 2016 than the 3.8% among them, the production of integrated circuit 156.5 billion yuan, an increase of 18.2% over the previous year chip industrialization faced with good time RuiXiaoWu said that the capital market to the chip industry very recognition, including the unicorn also appears more in the industry.