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Electronic Industry Investment Opportunity Report. May 02, 2018

Industry point of view: this week set consulting semiconductor research center (DRAMexchange) pointed out that from the Yangtze river storage, hefei long xin and experiences of integration process, three major manufacturers pilot run time will fall in the second half of 2018, production time will fall in the first half of 2019.2019 will be the first year of memory production in China.Under the national integrated circuit industry investment fund support, long xin and experiences of integration of the Yangtze river storage, hefei was founded in July 2016, in February 2016 and May 2017, engaged in NANDFlash type, the action type of memory and niche memory research and development and production.Integrated circuit is the core industry of national information technology development, which is the national economic and security lifeblood.Although has a huge market, but as after entering China's integrated circuit industry is relatively backward, core chip is almost entirely dependent on imports, the MPU, computer storage devices of NANDFlash and DRAM in domestic chip share all zeros.The mass production of the three camps will greatly improve the manufacturing level of China's integrated circuit and reduce the dependence of the downstream manufacturers on foreign manufacturers.It is worth noting that the improvement of the competitiveness of the integrated circuit industry is not a moment.Since April, under U.S. sanctions zte events in our country raised a hot wave after wave integrated circuit industry investment, hunan, yunnan and other provinces and cities, companies such as alibaba, Evergrande successively into the semiconductor industry.Microelectronics shao-jun wei of the director of the graduate school of tsinghua university, points out that the development of integrated circuit to have four conditions, whether is local have corresponding industry foundation, the local whether there is enough financial support, whether there is enough local human resources, and can form the accumulation effect.These four conditions are indispensable.Therefore, while entering into the integrated circuit industry, should beware of investment overheat.We recommend the layout of the electronics industry from two perspectives.First, pay attention to the downstream industry demand is big, the growth better segmentation plate, growing demand will become a stable power for promoting the development of the industry, such as plate, optical element, display device has higher growth space.Second, focus on the subdivision of national key support, such as semiconductors.