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IC Life In Core Highland In Beijing Nov 16, 2017

What? Beijing zhongguancun zone (Park) IC integrated circuit design from sinopac subway station only 800 meters, a yellow car 5 minutes is enough, too easy on December 31, 2016, the northern section of metro line 16 officially opened the event makes Beijing zhongguancun integrated circuit design and the main structure of the first stage once again become a focus as a result, many companies tend to be more willing to settle down here so far, the Park has attracted international, including storage chip design companies, many innovative companies, domestic and foreign well-known IC design company - microtivo, independent control of domestic high-end chip, and solve the industry solutions suppliers matching analysis of the field of computer vision and intelligent product development enterprises, well-known enterprises.

IC Park to "China's Silicon Valley" for the construction of goals, both side by side with the Silicon Valley Innovation Ecology, but also have the same with the ecological environment in Silicon Valley. ZHAO Hong, president of Zhongguancun Innovation and Development Research Institute, said: "The Haidian in the north must maintain its ecological advantages. The idea of many years ago was to build this place into China's Silicon Valley." Now this idea may be realized soon.

According to the original design, trees, winds, and the surrounding Phoenix Valley, Forest Park, Badachu Park Baiwangshan Garden together, allowing staff to take a daily walk in the depths of the integration with the natural park, you can enjoy the natural fresh taste hug. Let the people in the park come to the office with sunlight every day, so that enterprises can keep their fresh vitality every day so as to improve the innovation ability.

According to reports, the park has three greening system: First, commercial plaza, designed to create landmark landscape nodes, the formation of the spiritual landmark park; followed by the largest space to create an incubator to create a new ecological atmosphere, a clear green park level; finally Unique courtyard, unique business green landscape for the "company" provides the unique spirit of space. The three green systems are characterized by architectural design, allowing people to wander in the park and inadvertently flow into the atmosphere of another green system, allowing the type and culture of the business to blend in with the surrounding architectural design. These three afforestation systems also construct the three dimensions of the enterprise's ecological management. The beautiful green ecology also creates an external environment for the efficient work of enterprises.