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Internet Trends Report: China And The United States Will Keep Pace In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence In The Next Five Years Jun 01, 2018


According to reports, Mary Meeker, partner of KPCB, a venture capital company known as "The Queen of the Internet," published the 2018 Internet Trend Report on Wednesday. The report pointed out that China has made rapid progress in the development of complex artificial intelligence systems and cited the prediction of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt: China and the United States will keep pace in the field of artificial intelligence in the next five years. The following are the highlights of the 2018 Internet Trend Report:


Technology companies are facing "private conflicts." They have a dilemma between using data to provide a better consumer experience and infringing consumer privacy.


The top 20 Internet companies in the world, including Chinese companies occupying 9 seats, among which unicorn companies have Ant Financial Services (9), Xiaomi (14), Didi (16), US Mission (19), Today's headline (20) .


Internet penetration: By 2018, half of the world’s population—about 3.6 billion people—will join the Internet community. This is partly due to the increasing price of Android phones and WiFi hotspots. However, as the popularity of the Internet begins to saturate, it will become increasingly difficult for Internet access providers to attract new users.


Use of mobile phones: Although sales growth of smart phones has slowed down and the number of Internet users has slowed down, the time spent by American adults on the Internet has been prolonged. In 2017, the daily surfing time in the Internet has been extended from 5.6 hours in 2016 to 5.9 hours.


Mobile Advertising: People's use of mobile phones has grown faster than advertising budgets have shifted to mobile phones, creating a $7 billion mobile advertising opportunity.


Cryptocurrencies: The interest in cryptocurrencies has grown rapidly. Since January 2017, Coinbase users of digital currency trading platforms have grown nearly threefold.


Voice: Voice technology is currently at a turning point due to a speech recognition rate of 95% and smart speaker sales represented by Amazon Echo, which grew from more than 10 million units to more than 30 million units by the end of 2017.


Number of daily users: The revenue growth of services such as Facebook is closely related to the number of daily users.


Technology investment: Investment in science and technology by the public sector and private companies hit a record high. Six companies with the highest R&D and capital expenditures are technology companies.

E-commerce PK entity retail: e-commerce has grown rapidly, currently accounting for 13% of all retail transactions, and the rapid growth in parcels means that new shopping applications are facing huge business opportunities.


Amazon: Currently, more people search for products on Amazon rather than search engines, but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos still rely on services like Facebook and YouTube to motivate people to shop.


Membership Services: Membership services are rapidly gaining popularity. Netflix grew by 25% in 2017, the New York Times increased by 43%, and Spotify increased by 48%. Free services motivate more users to become paid users.


Education: Employees seek retraining and education through YouTube and online courses to meet the skills requirements of new jobs and repay soaring student loans.


Freelance: Employees are eager to work at home and have the flexibility to discover free career opportunities through the Internet, making it grow three times the total number of employees. With Uber, Airbnb, Etsy, Upwork, and Doordash stimulating, the number of people in need of work in 2017 increased by 23%.


Transportation: People will buy fewer cars, and they will have more time to keep cars and more transportation costs to taxi services. In 2017, the number of taxi services increased by a factor of two.


Enterprise: Enterprise technology enables consumerization through better interfaces, driving the growth of companies such as Dropbox and Slack.


China: Alibaba has an advantage in terms of total commodity trading, and is exploring the international market, but Amazon still has a dominant position in revenue.


Privacy: China has a major advantage because Chinese users prefer to “exchange” better products with personal data compared to US users. In the list of top 20 Internet companies, China will occupy more seats and invest heavily in labor. intelligent.


Immigration: Immigration is essential for a strong economy. 56% of large US companies are founded by first- and second-generation immigrants.

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