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IPhone X Design's be Complained Nov 08, 2017

Since the release of the Apple iPhone X, its bangs design is tucao. After the sales on March 3 this month, Yu cheng dong, president of Huawei's consumer business, also started trial operation for the first time, but after its broadcast, it directly blasted iPhone X for its differences in experience.

Yu Chengdong pro test iPhone X, commented directly in the circle of friends: "I started with X this morning, I saw the picture of the meeting, do not hate bangs, I am not a Virgo, the appearance is not very high people.But this morning, now, Feel bad, still think the super wide edge is weird, the product is nothing special, at the border is very wide, the rear camera is swollen too much, face unlock a bit slow, sometimes not too smart, and only need to slide the screen can See the screen. "

Send comments within ten minutes, Yu Chengdong think he has not completed, just below the comment area filled knife said: "think long time, what is selling point, only one word is very expensive, especially in China this may really be A selling point. "

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