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Yun Zhisheng Releases World's First Internet Of Things AI Chip May 18, 2018

Just got the wisdom of the intelligent voice industry's biggest financing, in Beijing, officially released the world's first AI chip for the Internet of Things field "Swift" (Swift). As the first generation of Internet of Things AI chips for the Unisys series, "Swift" is completely designed and developed by Yun Zhisheng.

The chip is completely self-developed and uses CPU+uDSP+DeepNet architecture to increase the computing power by 50 times

     "Swift" was independently developed by Yun Zhisheng, adopting the cloud vocal autonomy AI instruction set, owning DeepNet, uDSP (digital signal processor) with independent intellectual property rights, and supporting various deep neural network models such as DNN/LSTM/CNN.
     In addition to providing chips and a terminal engine, Yun Zhisheng will also use the open source part of the application to provide customers with customized tools and cloud AI capabilities. Through the combination of cloud cores, "Swift" will be used in smart homes, smart speakers, smart vehicles and other specific scenarios.
     Using CPU + uDSP + DeepNet architecture, support for 8/16bit vector, matrix operations, based on deep learning network architecture, can maximize the parallel computing performance for voice AI, providing higher computing power at lower cost and power consumption .